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Playa Calahonda, Nerja
Playa Calahonda, Nerja
Plaza España, Nerja
Paul S. Bradley at San Isidro, Nerja
Balcon de Europa, Nerja
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Paul Bradley is the name I was actually born with. It could have been more, but apparently, my father's memory became befuddled on his way to the registry office in East London and he forgot my proposed middle name of Richard. By way of apology, he insisted that he was overwhelmed with emotion at the prospect of parenthood. My mother confirmed that he was indeed extremely overwhelmed, both at the Star and Garter on the way there, and again at the Dog and Duck on the way back.

Bradley is a common name, possibly of Irish ancestry from County Cork; Paul as a first name has always been popular, its easily memorable and not too difficult to spell. Consequently, there are a plethora of P.B.'s out there ranging from rogues to rocket scientists, martial artists to thespians and yet more authors including a P.R.B. To facilitate identification and help fiction readers avoid rather tedious papers on contentious construction matters or growth strategies, I've opted to go with P.S.B. The S stands for Spain. Why?  Because it's where I've lived for over twenty five years.

The photos above are from my adopted town of Nerja. It's a small, quaint former fishing village on the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain that despite developers best intentions has somehow retained its original charm. Thankfully, the local people far outnumber us foreigners so it actually feels like Spain. Surprisingly, there are even daily opportunities to speak Spanish, usually very loudly.

The images with the fancy Cordoba hats were taken at Nerja's annual San Isidro Festival, which I refer to in my first novel.

Spain has played a significant role in my life since my first visit during the 1960s. I love her varied culture, cuisine, climate and friendly people. It would be remiss of me not to sing her praises as I tap out my novels on the keyboard, especially about her lesser known secrets and distant corners. I plan to write four fictional books loosely based on personal experiences of voluntary translating at Spanish hospitals and police stations and my journalistic wanderings around this ancient and beautiful country. When all are done, they will form a series known as the Andalusian Mysteries.

The main characters appearing in all four books are; Inspector Leon Prado of the Spanish National Police, a seasoned and successful detective tainted by a recent error of judgment.
The voluntary translators who assist the Prado with the investigations are Phillip Armitage, an emotionally confused British expat  and Amanda Salisbury, a formidable  American journalist resident in Malaga.

The first  book; Darkness in Malaga is now published. See Books for purchasing options or read the first four chapters here.

I've started the second - it's set in the spectacular Andalusian mountain city of Ronda and the plot revolves around the world of bullfighting; I've lectured on the subject many times translating for Juan Ramon Romero, a retired bullfighter. The remaining two books are already mapped out. 

I´ll post updates  on each book's progress on my blog.

Enjoy them and if so inclined, please leave a comment on my blog , on one of the Amazon pages listed in books, or on  Goodreads , Twitter , LinkedIn , or Facebook page.

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