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My adopted home is a quaint fishing village in Spain with an unbeatable climate, intimate beaches and charming streets. It lies midway along the southern Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula. To the west is Malaga and Gibraltar; to the north east; Granada.

In 1959, five boys were curious about a small hole in some rocks where bats were nesting. They enlarged the entrance, and wriggled through to discover an enormous cavern, littered with skeletons and pottery. Further exploration revealed one of the most significant geological and archeological finds in the world.

Thanks to this natural phenomenon, the town has evolved into a popular resort and has expanded rapidly. It is now home to residents from over forty nine countries.

To serve this rapidly growing community, laborers from South America and Africa have flocked here seeking a better life. One of these was a beautiful waitress from Argentina called

Cecilia Natalia Coria Olivares.

Lamentably, on September 28, 2008, she was fatally stabbed by her jilted lover, Hicham Bellasfer from Morocco. Her tragic but avoidable death inspired my debut novel; Stolen Minds.


Paul Bradley Author